Valmar Corfu - The Ionian Dream
Valmar Corfu - The Ionian Dream
Valmar Corfu - Exterior
Valmar Corfu - The Ionian Dream
Valmar Corfu - Superior Room
Valmar Corfu - Srroundings
Valmar Corfu - Dining
Valmar Corfu - Bar
Valmar Corfu - The Ionian Dream
A member of Louis Hotels Elegant Collection

Welcome to Valmar!
where it's always riviera season

Inspired by the old-world charm, dapple, and dazzle of the Italian Lido. Valmar is a hotel of distinct temperament and character.

An extraordinary coastal hotel awaits you, with staggering views over the Ionian Sea, well-cosseted in a mythic, lush backdrop of pine-peaked hills, palm, and cypress trees. Valuable, fresh, and joyous, Valmar enmeshes Corfu’s glorious, culturally rich, and historical multiverse. Emblematic and lively, this elegant all-inclusive, family hotel will seduce you with its playful finesse, joyful charisma, and excellent service.


A five-star opening, summer 2025


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